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About Feeding

Breastfeeding & Nutrition

Choosing to Breastfeed

BreastfeedingWe have enjoyed many benefits from nursing our children.  If you are interested in nursing, take some time to discover this wonderful resource you have for your  child.  Most women are blessed with the ability to breastfeed, but our current culture does not support many of us in that endeavor.  Finding support as you establish this rewarding relationship is very helpful. 

Please consider the many benefits of nursing your child, only a fraction of which are listed below.

  • Reduced cancer risk in both mother and child
  • Cheap, easily available resource for your childís nourishment
  • Best nutritional choice available for your baby
  • A great way to ensure hydration in an ill child

Celiac and a Gluten Free Diet

We are a family with celiac and gluten-intolerance.  In order for us to stay healthy, we must eliminate gluten from our lives.  When we see someone near us with gluten in their hands, we must think about trying to avoid that personís touch.  It is nothing personal *with you*, but it is a very personal choice for us.

Motherhood has really exemplified for me that it can be very difficult to know where someone else is coming from.  In fact, I find it tough enough just to figure out where I am coming from.  We appreciate your understanding as we navigate through the challenges of living gluten free today.

We would love it if you would help us learn more about celiac and gluten-intolerance conditions.  We will try to share some of the things that we learn along our way.  Please check out our link section to learn more about this genetic condition that we enjoy.  And please send your comments and questions to us here.

Happy Eating!

Eating Organic, Whole and Local Foods

We have had to become acutely aware of what we feed ourselves.  Using organic, whole foods whenever practical has been a blessing, and we encourage you to do the same.  Understanding your own personal food chain is an interesting exercise!

As we have gone on this adventure of diet changes, it has been extremely helpful to focus on all of the wonderful foods that are available for us to eat.  It has also been incredibly liberating to develop a better understanding of how different foods affect us.

Avoiding Processed and Commercial Food Hazards

I just had to say it!  There are SO many more wonderful things to fuel your body - try them!!

Elimination / Addition Diets to Identify Food Allergy and Intolerance

Our diet modifications have been largely guided by observing our responses to elimination and addition diets.  There are many different ways to use this methodology, and we found much success by starting with elimination of the biggest suspects.  We found the support and advice at Foodlab to be instrumental in making some significant discoveries about how food affects us.

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