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Infant Potty Training
Born to potty
About Pottying

Elimination Communication & Diapering

About Pottying

  • Offering the potty is a practical way to communicate with your baby about elimination needs.
  • Offering the potty is a fun, interactive way to care for our children.
  • Starting infant pottying at a young age provides our babies with the understanding that the diaper is not the only place for elimination. It reduces “diaper training” and lays the foundation for potty learning.

Getting Started

  • Take off the diaper (or backup) - ideas for times to try
  • Hold baby on/over an appropriate potty spot
  • Relax
  • Cue baby, smile and watch
  • If baby is uncomfortable or indicates that pottying is not desired (straightening legs, arching back), honor that by removing baby from potty spot
  • Try again when desired
  • Find support from others trying this approach

Ideas for Times to Offer

This is not a list of *every* time that you should offer the potty, but it is a list of ideas that may *selectively* work well in your routine with baby.
  • Upon waking
  • Before trying to settle for sleep
  • Before setting baby down for play
  • Upon picking baby up
  • Upon seemingly random thought of potty
  • Upon baby getting fussy in arms

What's the Hurry?

  • There is no hurry, urgency or timeline related to this practice.
  • You can sometimes help baby “hold it” by gently bouncing baby while holding them upright. This aids in them holding it.
  • When you lay a baby down, the loss of gravity’s influence on the anatomy of the body makes it harder to hold it.

Forms of Backup

  • Disposable Backup
  • Disposable/Cloth Hybrid
  • Cloth Backup
  • None

Potty Spots

  • Toilet with insert
  • Toilet without insert
  • Little Potties
    • Baby Bjorn Little Potty
    • Baby Bjorn Splashproof Potty
    • Babywunder Clear Potty
    • The Pot
    • Potty Bowl
    • On the Go Potty
    • Mixing / Dog Bowl
  • Wet bag with absorbency
Potty with Insert

Potty with Insert
Toilet with Insert
(note baby's refusal
with arched back)

Toilet with Insert

Toilet with No Insert

Toilet with No Insert
Toilet with No Insert

Toilet with No Insert

Little Potty

Little Potty
Little Potty (Baby Bjorn Potty Chair)

Little Potty (Baby Bjorn)

Nursing While Pottying

Nursing While Pottying
Nursing While Pottying

Nursing While Pottying

Ways to Settle Baby at Potty Spot

  • Offer to potty in front of a mirror - do mirror time
  • Have books available and read to baby - bath books are great as they are easy to clean if they get wet
  • Have toys to play with
  • Use signs and show baby how to sign "potty" and "all done"
  • Sing
  • Cuddle

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